Workarounds using Cellular Profiles

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Workarounds using Cellular Profiles

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I'm in the process of rolling out one of the MX SD-WAN Routers and realized that unlike my Cisco ISR4321 I cannot add a cellular profiles to the device. We use cellular profiles on our exsting ISR4321 stack so if the site fails onto a 4G Card we still remain within the same private MPLS circuit as our fixed wan line.


I'm wondering if anybody has a workaround for this? I've seen rumours that you can use a USB dongle to get around this?


Context as to why I can't simply use a public internet connection - this MX Router will be deployed in a Banking environment in Australia so when I say "oh we'll use public internet" half the risk committee breathe into paper bags.

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There's some solution you can try.


1. Use USB LTE Modem

If ISR's 4G card uses SIM, you can use USB LTE modem with that SIM. Every MX device have USB port for that purpose. But you must use compatible modems. Here's the list.


2. Use MX67C/MX68CW


MX67C and MX68CW have integrated cellular module, so you can just throw SIM into MX's SIM slot. No need for additional USB modem. First, make sure that your carrier's LTE frequency is supported by MX. Although your carrier is not in tested carrier list, it's possible to use LTE if carrier's frequency is in the list.


3. Use LTE router


There are some LTE routers have wired LAN ports like these: You can use these kind of LTE router to connect cellular network as MX's wired WAN2. I have several sites with this configuration.


4. Use Meraki MG21.


It's almost like third option, but you can configure and administrate with Meraki dashboard!

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@Kamome reply is pretty much all of the options.


Would i be correct in assuming the SIM you have been provided is by your MPLS provider, so your data connection, even through via SIM, is being MPLS'd if you will excuse the expression. You arent going out on a general SIM card to a data connection and DMVPN or some such back into the MPLS?


The "C" series of Meraki routers are likely to be the best option, that and the MG devices. They will give you manageability of your WAN.


Get a trial of an MG and your desired MX and test it out. Get yourself lined up with a test SIM card from the MPLS provider and simulate it. You have 30 days for the Trial, no commitment.

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