Windows clients unable to connect to Meraki Wi-Fi

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Windows clients unable to connect to Meraki Wi-Fi

I'm experiencing an unusual issue. We have almost 100 staff members who have Meraki devices at home. The majority of the staff are using Windows Machines to connect to a configured Wi-Fi network on their Meraki and have been doing this for close to a year with no issues. Starting sometime around 11:30am EST and continuing through this afternoon, the windows devices stopped being able to connect to their Meraki wireless network. Some of the users use Cisco Desk Phones with Wi-Fi connections to the Meraki and those devices have no problems. Those using iPads and iPhones also have no problems. Just Windows devices all of them losing connection over a two hour span. While I investigate and troubleshoot my network configs and policies to see if it's something that changed on our end, does anyone know if this could be an issue with the Meraki network and where I can look to find out more information if it is?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@PatrickSharp are you using certificates?

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