Windows 11 789 Error


Windows 11 789 Error

Hopw someone could help me with this, I have exhausted my tricks. I have a client Surface Pro Windows 11 device that keeps getting the 789 error when attempting to connect to the VPN. I have made sure the settings were correct, made sure PAP was chosen for protocol, checked for the services to be running, deleted the miniports and reinstalled them, checked for known updates that were problematic, and I keep getting the error. Is there another trick that I can try to get this machine connected? 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

This is the recommended guide for you to follow:


If your MX is behind a NAT-T you might want to look into this 


It is quite advanced and should come with all the red warnings about how you can make your operating system completely unusable and lose personal data, try at your own risk, etc.

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