Virtual voice net

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Virtual voice net

Hello everyone, 


I am solving such a problem.


In the picture I drew how it works for me VVN (virtual voice net) (landline calls).


The Huawei router has (VPN) VLAN 11 and gateway

The Cisco MX84 firewall/router has (VPN) VLAN 11 and gateway


(pink arrows in foto) If the PBX ( central phone box) connects to the Huawei geteway, the call works but is not visible on the network. 

If the PBX ( central phone box) connects to the Cisco MX geteway, calls do not work but the PBX is visible on the network.


Must the VVN be separated from the network for security reasons?


I need the PBX to be visible for remote surveillance.


Please, Advise how it should be connected by default.





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As long as the MX has the physical ports correctly configured (either access port using vlan11 or trunk port allowing vlan11) then it should work.  The MX is just acting as a layer 2 bridge in your diagram.

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