VPN Throught with two WAN Ports

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VPN Throught with two WAN Ports

On the MX models is the total VPN throughput the combine throughput of both wan ports or is the throughput for each WAN port? We are moving away from MPLS and I am trying to figure out speeds for each of my wan ports.




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I've never seen any official statement regarding that. But if I were to guess, I'd say it's aggregated VPN throughput over all tunnels, regardless of whether that's WAN1 or WAN2, or whether it's AutoVPN or 3d party VPN.

Kind of a big deal

From what I understand, it's aggregated throughput and limited more by internal hardware than uplink speed. You also have to take that max tunnel number with a grain of salt.


Can it form the max tunnel number? Sure! Are those tunnels going to have great performance? Probably not.

Kind of a big deal

I would say it is a hardware limit since the traffic is encrypted to some extent and that takes overhead. All the MX devices have lower VPN throughput than total throughput. Is there a specific device or use case you are trying to analyze?

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