VPN Failover in MERAKI

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VPN Failover in MERAKI

Hi Team,


We are using Site to site VPN for Meraki- NON Meraki peer. We tested VPN failover when Meraki UP Link went down

VPN Traffic is shifted to Meraki Back up link by mentioning the meraki Backup peer IP in remote non meraki peer.


In the same way Is there any probability that when remote non meraki UP link geos down meraki will be able to communicate with that remote non meraki peer by using their Backup IP(non meraki peer).


In other words I need to ADD two multiple IP Addresses for same peer is that possible?


 Thanks in advance


Kind of a big deal

No, sadly, we can't do that for third-party tunnels. You get one IP and if it changes welp, you get to manually change it.


I wish we could do primary/secondary a la ASAs.

Comes here often

Thank you for Your reply Nash

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