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VLAN with Cambium Devices

New here

VLAN with Cambium Devices

Dear Sir we have  Cisco Meraki Mx84 in our Network and our Wireless Devices of Cambium Networks.


now in our Cambium our Devices are showing offline can you help me how to online these devices in Cambium through Cisco Meraki.


in Cisco Meraki  have following configuration 


1. Wan 1 (203.124.x.x) IP Address

2. WAN 2 ( Local  PCs IP Scheme

3. Cambium Wireless Devices (


now our already showing in Cisco meraki as Vlan default but its not showign online in Cambium Networks.


my friends said Cisco Meraki not work on SubInterface to forward Untagged Vlan 

please help me thanks 

Kind of a big deal

Re: VLAN with Cambium Devices

You should not have PC's attached to a WAN interface (at least not in any typical environment).


You should have two VLANs configured. One for the PCs and one for whatever the Cambium is.  The MX LAN port should be configured as a trunk port to connect to whatever switch you are using.  The switch will also need the same VLANs configured.

And where the Cambium's plug into the switch - those switch ports will also need a configuration to match whatever the Cambium needs.

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