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User Syslog Messages


User Syslog Messages

Hi all,


We are trying to upload the "user" field to our syslog server.


When we add the URL Logs role into the Syslog server field, we can see the URL address, MAC address but no "user" associated with that MAC address.


We can see it on the dashboard under Network-Wide - Monitor - Clients but unable to push this data to the syslog server for further analysis/reporting/archiving (we are using ManageEngine Firewall Analyser).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Kind of a big deal

Re: User Syslog Messages

I can find nothing which suggests you can get a log entry for username for anything via syslog.


Re: User Syslog Messages

Suppose the answer I'm trying to get out of the community/Cisco Meraki is why can you see it on the dashboard but not on the forwarded syslogs....

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