Upstream ISP firewall issue/blockage

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Upstream ISP firewall issue/blockage

Is there a workaround to the issue of upstream ISP firewall preventing the creation of tunnel between two MXs? Without having to contact ISP to adjust configuration for your case? This is dedpite having passed the vpn registery connection process.

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Can you just use traditional IPSEC VPN between them?

You mean configure both MXs as non-meraki peers, instead of using auto vpn?

Yes, for testing

Thanks. We'll give it a try and see.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the upstream ISP is blocking your traffic then it won't be something Meraki can fix or something you can manually configure around.  If they are blocking your traffic they are blocking your traffic.


In the first instance, I would talk to them and see if they can offer you an alternative Internet service where they don't block your traffic.


Otherwise start looking at new ISPs.

Thank You. I think this is the only more ethical approach to the issue.

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