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Uplink configuration



Can someone explane why we don't need to set an IP Gateway when the mode is PoEE?

Kind of a big deal

I assume you meant PPPoE?


Because it's a point to point link (the PP part of PPPoE 😉 )


With a point to point link there is only one possible other end, so traffic can only possibly ever go to one place. You don't need to specify the gateway because it can only ever be one thing. 


With something like Ethernet it's a multiaccess network, meaning multiple hosts can be on it at the same time. It's due to that fact that you need to specify a gateway. There's no way to know which is the right one (unless you use something like DHCP of course).

Yes, PPPoE 😄


Know, I have two senarios, one with an FFTH access, and another one with FTTO access.


How can I configure my Uplink in both cases?



Kind of a big deal

Every uplink is configured as usual including default gateway (if applicable).


Guess you‘re referring more to path selection etc. Please find information about that at https://documentation.meraki.com/MX/Firewall_and_Traffic_Shaping/MX_Load_Balancing_and_Flow_Preferen...

When we have a PPPoE is the only case when the gateway is not applicable?

Thank you for your previous answer!
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