Uplink - Live Data Total vs Downloaded

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Uplink - Live Data Total vs Downloaded

I want to clarify the statistics being presented on the Live Data chart provided on the up-link. My assumption is that the Total field is a combination of upload/download used in real time, while download only shows the download level?

So if we are capped at 30Mb/s asynchronous (30 up / 30 down) and we want to determine the total utilisation of the 30Mb/s we have to look at the download for one way, and the total minus the download to see the upload?

Seems a really bad way of presenting the data and also a little confusing. 


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You are correct in your assumption of the calculation.  It would be nice to select what is shown as once you have two uplinks, you only get the total for each one with no upload/download breakdown.  Perhaps time for Make a Wish?

Kind of a big deal

Yeah I have always preferred the separate the upload/download into their own graphs. It gets worse when you have WAN2 there, as you can now no longer see upload for WAN1. That color becomes used by WAN2 (even if there is no traffic). So all you get now is the darker blue bar for WAN1 upload and download.

In your example, the light blue above the dark blue is your upload, they stack it so you can see the total but I would prefer they didn't. If you mouse over any point, it will actually show you the upload/download numbers uniquely.

Cellular traffic was broken off into a purple-ish color, so they HAVE the ability to make that graph much more robust.
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