''Unable to fetch configuration'' too often ?


''Unable to fetch configuration'' too often ?



We have 50 stores all equipped with mx65w for years now. 

For about a year, we started having the error, "Unable to fetch configuration'' in some device. 

At start, it was happening once a month. But now, it's practically a daily thing... 


We were told the error cannot be solved by us, It's something about an expired password certificate to connect to the meraki cloud. It's very time consuming to call them every time and when the store is hardown like that, they cannot sell using credit or debit card so it's costing us money.


Are we alone in this problem ? Has it happened to any of you ?

Is there something wrong with our network ?


Thank you

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Getting noticed

You are not alone, welcome to my world, and many others!



we are growing in numbers I’m afraid...,




Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @Js-T ,


I posted a reply with more information about this issue in @General-Zod's thread.


I recommend taking a look there, and hope that clarifies a few things.

Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki
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