Tunnel to fortigate gets down

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Tunnel to fortigate gets down


I have an ipsec tunnel to a meraki MX and users behind the MX are complaining sometime that they cannot reach the resources back behind the fortigate. We solve this immediately by doing a ping from one of the servers behind the fortigate to the local network behind the MX. So basically if we have a continuosely ping the users will never experience connection problem, but without it the tunnel seems to go down. I have recreated the tunnel, I have enabled auto-negotiate om the fortigate but still the same issue. 

Has anyone had this problem before?

BR Nik

Kind of a big deal

@nikmagashi  I just want to make sure I am understanding this right so if a user that sits behind the MX pings a server behind the Fortigate everything starts working? 


How long does it take to stop working again i.e. once a user disconnects from a resource how long until you have to ping to bring access back? 


Sounds like it could be a TTL setting on the Fortigate end.

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