Traffic Shaping class (High, Normal, Low) priorities

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Traffic Shaping class (High, Normal, Low) priorities



Meraki documentation states:


  • Priority can be set to High, Normal, or Low, allowing the MX series to prioritize a given network flow relative to the rest of the network traffic. The ratios are as follows:

    • High: 4/7

    • Normal: 2/7

    • Low: 1/7

Considering that

--> Carrier has provided a 10Mb uplink

--> Wan uplinks have no limitation defined (see below)Uplink configuration.PNG

--> all the SD-wan traffic shaping rules have the Bandwidth limit: "Ignore network per-client (unlimited)

--> there  2 High priority rules, 2 Normal priority rules and 1 Low priority rule


How is the traffic prioritized/bandwidth utilization done in  this case?



Kind of a big deal
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Hi kYutobi,


I've already read the doc that you've provided, but what I've asked is not in this document (in short, if you don't specify/limit  the uplink bandwidth, and if from the provider you've bought only 10Mb, what will be the reference bandwidth used for High Normal and Low clases?


Meraki doc says:



Each traffic rule supersedes each rule below it and the rules below it must strictly adhere to their fractional bandwidth limits. For instance, if there is a high traffic shaping rule but no low traffic shaping rules configured then the high priority traffic would have access to 5/7 of the available bandwidth on the uplink and normal traffic would have 2/7s. Additionally, if there are no high priority traffic shaping rules then normal priority traffic gets 6/7 of the bandwidth and low priority gets 1/7 of the uplink's bandwidth.


Kind of a big deal

Hi @CSV ,


The reference value is defined, and it's right in your clip. It's 250Mbps. 


If you plan on using the priority values then it's critical that you adjust those values correctly or you're going to starve out lower priorities. 

Kind of a big deal

My understanding is that those priority values will only apply correctly, IF you apply/specify the bandwidth limit/value. If you don't, there is no way for it to really work.
Nolan Herring |

@NolanHerring is right.  You must configure the actual circuit sizes on the WAN interfaces in the dashboard.

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