The following devices are already in use:

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The following devices are already in use:

Dear Team,

I am trying to add a meraki mx-80 device on my cloud controller its showing The following devices are already in use


Kind of a big deal

Hi @Aslam 


This means that your device is already registered in another companies dashboard.

you need to contact your seller and ask them to unclaim the device from their dashboard.


Meraki support won’t be able to assist you with this.

Darren O'Connor |

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Hi @UCcert

the management of this organization is totaly change, So they dont have any details they only have this hard device,

and also they cannot get any respond from the old management.

Kind of a big deal

It seems you have one of the most beautiful doorstops you could ever get.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Aslam if they can share the invoice with Meraki then you might be in luck.  If it's the same company then surely the new management can access the accounts?

Kind of a big deal

@Aslam @This is still claimed somewhere … you need to first unclaimed from the previous organization and claim it here. 

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