Template for MX64 VPN Spoke Binding

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Template for MX64 VPN Spoke Binding

I am in the process of creating a template for satellite offices that are spokes of my data-center hubs. I created a test network(t1) with cloned settings from a spoke(call it s1). I added layer 3 and 7 rules to the test network . I now want to create a template and bind the cloned spoke(s1) to the test network(t1). When I attempt to bind one of my stores to this template I am only given the option of other security networks and not combined networks. Is there a way around this? 

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Re: Template for MX64 VPN Spoke Binding

That means your template is not a combined template.  It has been a while since I have had to fix one of these.


Did you create the template from an existing combined network (this might be the easiest way to resolve it)?

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