Template Per-Port VLAN settings question

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Template Per-Port VLAN settings question

I have a template to handle MX's for multiple sites. Most, if not all, of these sites have an MX64 or MX64W. We are looking at rolling out cameras to these sites through a third party and would like to set up port 3 on the MX's for the camera equipment, which would be the vendor's switch, DVR/NVE, cameras, etc. We have a VLAN and DHCP setup on the template to keep the traffic separated. But when I go into Addressing $ VLANs->Per-port VLAN settings the template begins with Port 2. There is not port 1. So does anyone know the correct mapping from the template to the physical ports on the device? We do have port 4 set as WAN2 on the devices. I have searched, but maybe I'm not using the correct wording in my search.

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