Teleworker template - unique addressing for each site

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Teleworker template - unique addressing for each site

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Tl;DR: how do i create a template for all Meraki Z1's in my organization that allows me to assign a specific /24 per device in the template?


I'm brand new to Meraki, and I'm trying to create a template that will allow me to use unique addressing for each teleworker gateway for identification purposes.  Each Z1 will be a spoke connecting to my MX64 as a hub.  I will have about 40 remote sites, and I would like to identify all sites with their own /24 within a /16, for example would be any Meraki device, and would be teleworker#1's house.  If I discover a device on the network that is for example, i know that this is device is at teleworker#1's network.


I'm having a problem however with creating the template.  All devices in a template share the same local VLAN template.  I don't understand how this will work, as I'm assigning the Appliance IP in the dialogue, so wouldn't every device bound to the template have an IP conflict?


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Kind of a big deal

You may be able to override the template IP addressing on the specific network. Try creating a test MX network and applying your template to it. See if you are able to change the IP scope on the Addressing & VLAN's page. Templates allow you to override certain things locally, but I'm not familiar enough with MX templates to know what they allow or don't allow. 

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Meraki Employee

I can confirm that assigning a specific subnet out of a template pool to a given site is doable if you'd like it; otherwise, you just specify the supernet you want individual sites to pull their subnets from, and the template will take care of the rest.

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Meraki Employee

Hi @PentagonSystems,


Here you can find more information about how templates work and setup unique subnets for each network >

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