Static IP does not work before firmware update

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Static IP does not work before firmware update

When attempting to use a static IP address on a fresh out the box MX, the connection to the gateway will not establish.

Only once a firmware update has been done via DHCP will the static configuration work as expected.

This is typically on MX100s but have seen it occur on MX84s.

And occasionally just on the MX100 the firmware restore button does not work until updated.


This has resulted in failed installations and extra time spent shipping devices around to sites that have DHCP or taking them home with me. Sometimes 1 of the 2 (warm spare) MXs works and I can use the first to provide DHCP and update the 2nd. 🙂


Anyone have any clever ideas or workarounds ? 

I have thought about sending a 4G device along, but have 4 teams and only 1 x 4G router currently.

I also heard that the 4G sticks only work after firmware update.



I'm having the same problem.  I have an MX84 I just took out of the box.  Accessed the device through the management interface and assigned a static IP address to Internet 1.  I'm green on the lights and up in the switch.  From it's Default Gateway I can't ping the IP address of the MX84.  I can however see it in the arp table. 

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