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Splash page sign-on options


Splash page sign-on options



I am setting up a Meraki system to provide both wireless and wired access. 


What I don't understand and cannot find any reason for is, why can I setup my wireless access control to use a splash page setting of "Sign-on with Meraki Cloud Authentication" however when trying to setup the identical configuration for the wired access on a VLAN (MX84), I cannot use the Meraki Cloud Authentication. The only options I get are my RADIUS server, Facebbok login and 3rd party credentials. Is there some reason why the Meraki Cloud Authentcation is not available for VLANs in the same way it is for SSIDs?


Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere, however I have spent some time looking and have not found this specific question yet.

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Re: Splash page sign-on options

Not sure that is supported:


"WPA2-Enterprise with Meraki authentication is not supported for wireless MX or Z-series models when in a combined network. In order to use this feature you will need to split the wireless MX or Z-series device into a standalone network."

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Re: Splash page sign-on options

I'm not sure if that is correct, as I am not 100% familiar with the terms.


Yes I have combined network set, however the wireless SSID access (under the wireless main heading Wireless not Security and SD-WAN-> Wireless) is set for WPA2 PSK and is configured for a Splash page with sign-on for Meraki Cloud Authentitcation.


However as there is also a requirement for wired connections for customers to plug in a device, I want to be able  to configure a sign-on page to use the same authentication option. I don't understand why I can't have a wired link point back to the same user database as the Wireless SSIDs are already using. I can only assume this is a software limitation that has not been written. I can configure a click through splash page that is identical to the Wireless one, however I cannot configure it to authenticate the same way.


I have also raised this through the make a wish button, however at this stage my only option is to allow wired connections to have unfettered access without signing in, as we do not have any infrastructure to use a radius server on this system.

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