Source based / Policy based NAT

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Source based / Policy based NAT



Does anyone know if there is better policy/source based NAT configuration options coming to MX?


We would like to define the specific outgoing IP-address per subnet or Vlan. This is possible to do but only per host with 1:1 NAT. It's also possible to select WAN uplink but not a specific IP on a certain uplink for a specific Vlan/subnet.


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Kind of a big deal

It still beta, but you can ask Meraki team support to enable it.

Can you elaborate on that? According to the support engineers its not in development:


In that case, the answer is still no, and that is not something currently in development. You can request this as a feature by using the "Give your feedback" button on the bottom right of any Dashboard page however.



Maybe they use a different terminology which I should use in my case?

Getting noticed

Thanks thats great news, I'll look into that

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