Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch Error On Sky Device

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Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch Error On Sky Device

Hi Guys,


Home lab showing an error in the event log "Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch" on the Sky device with a Static IP Address, which is not been used by anything else. Only got One VLAN also. 


Get the error in the log every 30 mins.


Any ideas? 


Kind regards



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you unplug that device with a static IP address, clear the ARP cache on your notebook (arp -d a.b.c.d), can you then ping the static IP address?


It might be a false alarm.

I will have a go. Cheers


Getting noticed

Just out of curiosity, does the Sky device sit in front (as in the MX Wan connects to the Sky device) or behind the Meraki device (LAN)?

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