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Source IP ANY destination

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Source IP ANY destination

Hi everyone,


I would like a confirmation about security rule on Meraki MX64.

When I apply an ANY in Source IP address for example, which means that all subnets or IP address are authorized or only the subnets configured on my MX64 ?

If I have 2 VLans configured with and, the ANY source IP address take only these 2 subnets ?


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Re: Source IP ANY destination

Hi @EddyCan ,


Any means any. Do you have reason to think it doesn't?

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Re: Source IP ANY destination

Hi @jdsilva


First of all thank you for your answer. 

I would like to challenge my network teams because it confirms me that source ANY only concerns the subnets configured locally on the Meraki mx64. 

I'm not be able to find any reason and any document on Meraki website that explain this. 

I don't want to open wide and not control the traffic properly. 


Thanks in advance. 


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Re: Source IP ANY destination

I believe ANY means any IP which traverses it as a L3 router. For example if you had a downstream switch, ANY on the MX would not apply to layer 2 adjacent traffic. Also, ANY on the MX is both for subnets local to the MX and any subnets coming over autovpn.
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Re: Source IP ANY destination

If you wish to use a single sub-net address, to simplify the rule, then rather than and


try using


But you can't get too clever with this, the Dashboard doesn't like it.

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