Solarwinds unable to poll new mx64's

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Solarwinds unable to poll new mx64's

Previously, before I started, and directly after I started was the boom for us using Meraki. When I first got to the company I installed one and it would poll perfectly but since then I started becoming one of our main Meraki guys... Now most recently when I install merakis the polling is failing. I have the same community string and the exact same settings in the dashboard. Any Guides or tips on what may be missing would be useful!

Here to help

The two places I recently installed that are having issues are different... I forgot to include this information... site 1: Meraki was not setup via DHCP it was setup via PPPoE connection  and site 2: the WAN was setup with static information... could this be the issue on why the polling is incorrect?  

Hey @SlothSlayer ,


Keep in mind that there's two different sections for SNMP depending on whether you are polling internally in the network or externally from the internet. 

As you mentioned the WAN setups, I assume you are polling remotely, in which case you are looking at the Organization wide setting:

Remember that you are actually polling the information from the Dashboard and not directly the MX (hence the target being ), although if you have allowed it, you should be able to carry out continuous pings to the MX.


Also, remember to put the IP address you are polling from in the Allowed list. 


The Network-wide setting is useful only when you are polling internally from the LAN. 


If you are still having trouble, try following the testing steps here and see what you get:


Hope this helps!



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