Site to site with 2 MXs from different organizations

Building a reputation

Site to site with 2 MXs from different organizations

In a.scenario  where 1 MX is from one organization and another MX is from another trying to build a site to site VPN, would that be considered a non-meraki VPN?


Is there an.easy enough way site to site.VPNs with mix matching organizations?

Building a reputation

The site2site vpn with two MX'es in different organizations is considered as Non-Meraki VPN.


To build the site-2-site VPN with MX'es in two organizations is easy enough. One just must note that he needs to specify the subnets he's advertising, and have to match the IPsec policies on both ends. 


If the MX'es are the only site-2-site appliances in the organization, they must be set as HUB.

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