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Site to site VPN no inbound rules?!?!


Site to site VPN no inbound rules?!?!

How can this be?


Response from support:

The Inbound Firewall rule for the Non meraki VPN Peer site to site  tunnel apparently is still a feature request that needs to be completed. It is not functional at the moment, unfortunately even though it shows up on the dashboard. I would say the best option at the moment is to put in a feature request by Making a Wish (link below) and also putting an ACL on the other end blocking traffic going out coming to your meraki end. 

A workaround could be to put ACL from the other end of the tunnel

Getting noticed

Re: Site to site VPN no inbound rules?!?!

Yea there isn't a super easy way to do that on the Meraki side and you would be better off with configuring outgoing on the other end.


But I agree with the sentiment. Meraki does focus so much on being user friendly that they completely miss things everyone above "user" would like to see.. Like Any Connect, EIGRP, RPVST......

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