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Site to Site WAN configuration

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Site to Site WAN configuration

I want to confirm that I am thinking about my topology correctly here.

We have two offices, HQ and B1. There is a private fiber connection between the two, with a pair of Silverpeak WAN Optimizers at each site. We are deploying an MX84 at B1, and need it to connect to HQ over the fiber connection, while connecting to the internet over a separate WAN connection.


We first set it up as our internet was WAN1, and the fiber was WAN2, with out switch stack on LAN3 and then tried using flow control to direct the internal traffic over WAN2, but this did not work (which makes sense to me now). 


Instead it looks like we need to rethink this and connect the fiber connection to a LAN port and setup a static route to direct the internal subnet traffic over that link. Is this right? We should end up with a static route like:


Subnet                                 Name                    Next Hop IP (HQ Subnet)      Fiber WAN    (the IP of the Silverpeak that is inline with the Fiber router)


Or is there a better way of routing our internal traffic to the Fiber WAN link, while allowing the internet traffic to flow to WAN1?

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Re: Site to Site WAN configuration

If you're using a dark fibre link from your branch to HQ it would make sense to terminate this on the Layer 3 core of the Branch and just create a static route to route all internal HQ traffic ( over the linknet for that link.


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