Site to Site VPN

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Site to Site VPN

Hello Guys,


We have 2 MX applicances on different sites connected through auto VPN. For couple of months we have some connectivity changes that occur within seconds. for example the vpn connection between sites goes down and comes back in 5 seconds. 


We,ve been instructed to Navigate to Security appliance > Site-to-site VPN > NAT traversal > Manual: Port forwarding > and configure a Public IP & port, (this needs to be done on both MXs). 


MX appliances are not behind any other firewall. they act as a router/firewall


Any help on how to complete this (which ip and port) is much appreciated.

Here to help

Who "instructed" you to go this route?

What type of internet do you have at each site? (Fiber, DSL, 4G, etc.)

Do your sites have static IP's or DHCP from the ISP?

Have you read through the Meraki event logs to determine what is actually causing the VPN issues?

Comes here often

Meraki Engineer.


One site has one ISP with fiber and one with DSL. not sure about the other site


static IP.


Logs say that was a connectivity change. nothing else i think

Kind of a big deal

Do both MX appliances have a public IP address directly on their outside interfaces?

yes both have external IPs

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