Site to Site VPN tunnel get dropped for few second or minute and back again

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Site to Site VPN tunnel get dropped for few second or minute and back again

WE have site to site VPN between our 2 offices . Tunnel is get drop time to time and re-established in few second some time in few minutes. Can not find on event log of the MX devices. Any one ca help me to resolve this issue?


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We have been having the same issue for the past month. Currently no resolution.





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Make a case to Meraki support.
Check if your VPN registry connection is stable. (check on VPN status page)
Try to do a packet loss check between both peers.  Perhaps try to use the WAN IP of one site on another as uplink test.

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Did you ever discover the core issue on this?


Hi PhilThacker


Yes! An update had happened a month before and I had been busy with other problems and had not read what changes had been made.

Meraki now supported IKEv2 Once I set that version on my tunnels then everything became rock solid. For some reason support could not

tell me that it was the issue. I had to read through a lot of documentation before I realized what I had missed. The positive note is I read all the update

docs now before they update my device.



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