Site to Site VPN to windows server 2019

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Site to Site VPN to windows server 2019



We've recently installed a Meraki MX67 which include DHCP services.


I would like to create a site-to-site VPN from the Meraki to a Cloud VPS running Windows Server 2019. This is so the users can reach the Domain Controller and log in via Active Directory using the always-on tunnel. Can anyone offer suggestions to the specific configurations required on the Windows Server side? My trouble ( I think!) is that the Meraki really only wants to create the tunnel secured by IPSec (using a shared key) but Windows Remote Access services seems to force me to also use L2TP to get the IPSec piece as well as forcing an 'authentication' of an Active Directory User and Password.


I just want the data pipe, then the users can authenticate when they log in.


As this is a virtual server, I cannot put another Meraki "in front of it" nor do I even have the ability to have the 'host' allow a site-to-site VPN with my Meraki --- they're best answer is to get the Windows 2019 working ;<


Any suggestions?






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not sure if this may be of help:


I assume you have a public facing ip on the Win 2019 server that the Meraki can use as the endpoint for the Tunnel?



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