Site to Site VPN Droping every hour

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Site to Site VPN Droping every hour


Anyone seen an issue with site to site vpn where connection to the remote server drops every hour?

When it drops the Meraki Dashboard appears to show the tunnel is still up but, I cannot ping the server.

My work around is to remove the network tag in site to site setup save changes and then put it back which re-initializes the connection.  It then works but obviously requires a manual intervention every hour.

Im using MX75

Any help would be most apreciated.



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Paul, what's at the far end of the site-to-site VPN tunnel? If it's a non-Meraki device, there could be a tunnel lifetime that expires or a rekeying even that occurs every hour.

Dave H 

Hi Dave

It is a cloud provider (iOmart) so yes a non meraki connection.  Strange thing is that it has worked for the last 6 weeks without a problem, except today and for one day a couple of weeks ago.  Its bizare.  the connection is in constant use and the timeout settings all checked out when we implemented so it really confusing me.



Hey Paul,

Does the cloud provider have any IPsec logs from their end that they could share with you?

Dave H


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