Setting up TFTP on MX68 to upgrade switches in LAN

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Setting up TFTP on MX68 to upgrade switches in LAN

I am struggling in setting up TFTP setup in Meraki.



multiple switches---->Cisco switch(2960) ---> Meraki (MX68) ---> vMX ---> Azure(VM with TFTP server)


Meraki configuration:

FW rules : allowed all traffic

configure --> DHCP --> VLAN1(MGMT) -->DHCP options --> Custom --> code 66 --> IP for TFTP server(azure vm private IP)



no change

FW: all traffic allowed



installed TFTP64 software

also tried Solarwind TFTP


Output: Azure VM is pinagble from switch, but when trying to transfer file says no connection for tftp. any idea




Kind of a big deal

Host firewall on the TFTP server (try turning off Windows firewall)?  Azure network security group allowing TFTP?

Hi, It worked while adding rule in windows firewall 1. TFTP port and 2. TFTP application. I didnt added TFTP application rule. That's why it was not transferring.

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