SDWAN with multiple Egress routes.

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SDWAN with multiple Egress routes.

I have been given a challenge by a new client who wants to run their backbone off of Meraki routers and Switches. They have 3 sites and want traffic egressing to the internet in a very specific location depending on the VLAN the device sits on. I have diagrammed L3 traffic below, with the hardware I would like to propose for the customer. Can someone tell me if these devices will work in the configuration as shown? Any recommendations or gotchas would be appreciated as well.



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Meraki Employee

Hello @Jsteele32 


Please check this KB for detailed explanation on how to setup Hub-Spoke Topology and considerations for each option. If you have any specific question, reach out to Meraki Support to better look at your topology and clarify on them. If this is more of a design question, I would recommend reaching out to your SE as they have big picture of your network topology.



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