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how to alert several times when the sd-wan emergency  has fallen.

Meraki is too verbose except that it is really important if there is no more emergency line

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@dufour_francois can you be a little more explicit?  We only see the following alerts:


MX HA failover

MX SD-WAN connection down (from another site that normally looks at this one)

MX appliance down (for both the primary and the secondary)

MX primary link changed (if one WAN link went offline)


We get one or two a day from 8 sites with an HA pair and an additional single MX at each.

i search a batch python for check all wan  all days , i need all secours on ligne

I have on my MX 2 wan and when a secours ligne is down i have one mail for notification.

And i want a mail Day for all problem on my network .

i have a dream!

Don‘t dream it: Make a Wish! 😎

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