SD-WAN Redundant MPLS Connectivity Info Request

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SD-WAN Redundant MPLS Connectivity Info Request

I understand Meraki SD-WAN supports dual MPLS circuits for redundancy.  Where can I find more information on this subject and are there any caveats?

Kind of a big deal

I'm not sure I would say that's true, but it depends on your exact use case. 


Meraki has two support designs for integrating MPLS into SD-WAN. They are:




In the former, there's no practical way that I can think of to utilize dual MPLS links. In the latter you could likely do something with route preference to make it work, just just equal cost the two links and use both simultaneously. 


If I missed the mark on your ask please let me know and we can see what I didn't understand. 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We run a 9 site Meraki SD-WAN with dual MPLS and HA pairs of MXs at each site.


The way we have it set up is 8 edge sites where the MXs have their WAN ports connected to the MPLS provider's tail circuit/CE equipment.  We then have a core site where the MPLSs terminate on routed switch ports.  We then have the HA pair set up in concentrator mode plugged into the switches on a dedicated VLAN.  The internet access for the core site is via a separate pair of firewalls, also connected to the same switches.


In the dashboard all sites have the same public IP for both WAN ports, this makes them route locally over the MPLS rather than trying to go over the internet.


Please feel free to ask more if that doesn't make sense, or you need more details.

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