SD WAN Plug and Play?

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SD WAN Plug and Play?

Hi everyone,

I'm just curious if you're using Meraki Switches and Firewalls as long as you use a SD WAN ready router say a ASR-1002X does that make SD-WAN pretty much PnP?
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Hello @Jklein, You question is a little confusing - Do you mind expanding? The Firewall range of Meraki (MX) all natively support SD-WAN features therefore there is no need for a ASX device to perform SD-WAN.

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We're on a VPLS circuit so the MAX doesn't have the QoS settings we need. So I'm using either a ISR 4451 or an ASR 1000 series. Probably the ISR because it's PnP but I don't know if it can perform everything we need it to do yet.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No Cisco ASR supports the same SD WAN system that Meraki uses.

So we would have to use either the router in front and the SD WAN features on that or the MX?
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