SAML-based user authentication per SSID

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SAML-based user authentication per SSID

Is it possible to configure SAML-based user authentication against 3rd party iDP (okta) for byod SSID?

Kind of a big deal

Not using SAML, no (at least not out of the box).


But I see Okta have an LDAP interface:


And you can configure LDAP splash page authentication.



This requires Okta agent to run on-prem or at AWS/GCP, which we are trying to avoid.

SAML auth would be ideal as no agents would require. Would Meraki partner with IronWiFi to provide this functionality?


Kind of a big deal

Meraki have an open API, so IronWiFi would just need to integrate with it.


I believe Splash Access already provides integration with Azure AD if you don't mind using a third party.

We don't have Azure AD to integrate with, but we have Okta. Is there an FRE for Meraki native api integration with OKTA?

IronWiFi has RADIUS-based integration with Meraki:



Hi @avshch 


Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm trying to figure this out myself. I haven't been able to connect the Okta LDAP interface with Meraki at all.


I am trying to avoid purchasing Ironwifi or Foxpass if I can.

My company is interested in this too.  We've virtually eliminated AD / LDAP and the ridiculous overhead that comes with stand-alone directory management.  It's bugging me that with all the available authentication integrations, SAML isn't included.

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I am working on this for a customer using the Sponsored Guest Portal. When the user connects to the AP ISE redirects them to Azure AD and ISE reports them as authenticated. The user gets a browser window with a message to click the continue buttonISE PoC.jpg. On doing so they get an error 500 message. we are running ISE3.1on a single box in AWS as PoC.

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