Reporting device inventory that includes the site with the primary MX and spare


Reporting device inventory that includes the site with the primary MX and spare

Is there a report that we can get from the portal that includes the site with the MX device and a field indicating if there is a spare MX in the site configuration?

Kind of a big deal

I have not seen any such report.


You could go to Organization/Inventory, type "MX" into the search field to only see MXs, then sort on the "Network" column.

Sites with spares will have two lines in a row.  Those without will have a single row.


If you have a lot of sites you could use the "Download as CSV" option, open it in Excel, and then perform a count of every value in "Network" (only for MXs).  A count of 2 means there is a spare, a count of 1 means there is not.

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You can also do something similar to @PhilipDAth's idea but using the Org > Overview table,  Devices tab


From the 'Search...' dropdown select the MX model(s) you are interested in, from the Device type window.   Then click the header of the Network column to sort.   You might also choose to filter by online Online devices (for example).  Pairs of MXs will be adjacent, with the same Network name, as with the Inventory, but the Clients / Usage columns will also likely tell you which is active and which is standby.


Thank you both. I was able to get the report, exported it to excel, in excel I highlighted duplicate network records and it highlighted all the sites with the two MX's in the network. 


Thank you both.

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