Replace Z1 by MX68CW

Getting noticed

Replace Z1 by MX68CW



It is possible to cold swap between 2 different MX models


But is it possible to cold swap from Z1 to MX68CW for example ?



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Kind of a big deal

Only 1 active MX or Z device in a network at a time.


This should work.

without losing config ?

Certain config items will be persistent when swapping MX/Z devices and others will need to be re-added. Some examples of configurations that will remain:


- Subnets/static routes

- Global Bandwidth limits & traffic shaping

- L3 firewall rules


Other items like AutoVPN will need to be reconfigured, as well as any features available on the 68CW not available on the Z1 (content filtering, Threat Protection, port settings, etc).

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