Redundant MX setup, 2 ISP but with only /30 link

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Redundant MX setup, 2 ISP but with only /30 link

Hi Guys

I would like to implement some redundany on our network with 2 MX appliances in Active/Standy.

The issue is we only a a /30 ip range from ISP1 and ISP2.

Would I be able to plug the WAN1 from ISP1 into the Active Meraki FW, and then ISP2 into WAN2 port on the standby Meraki FW? would this work ok?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes this will work. Both the active and standby MX are allowed to have different ISPs. But you can only use one ISP in this scenario at a given time.

I would talk to the ISPs to provide you with /29 subnets because that is needed for a really "clean" setup where both ISPs can be active at the same time.

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