Redeploying a vMX100 in Azure

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Redeploying a vMX100 in Azure

I've just deployed our first vMX into Azure and I think I've messed up the networking configuration on the Azure side as the local subnet of the vMX is not visible in the routing table, nor over VPN. 

I want to completely redeploy the solution and create new resource groups and networks for the vMX. 

Can anyone on advise on how to do this, or does this need a case opening with support? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is a bit of a cow to do.  I don't remember the exact steps, but I recall the secret is to delete the management application itself - as opposed to the VM or resource group. 

Thanks Philip,

Deleting the managed resource allowed me to remove all of the Azure-side config, I have set up a new vMX network in the Meraki dashboard and rebuilt the Azure-side config, but I'm now getting the following error:

Unable to fetch configuration
This device is unable to fetch its configuration from the Meraki cloud. Please contact Meraki Support.
I've just raised a case - will let you know what comes back.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

>This device is unable to fetch its configuration from the Meraki cloud. Please contact Meraki Support.


That means go to lunch and come back in an hour.  It usually fixes itsef.

Haha, I will give it a try - I should know better by now after working with Meraki for years 🙂

Got the same behavior here ....


Was working PERFECTLY the first time I have deployed that vMX but I had to delete it in Azure and in the Meraki Dashboard because it was for a lab/test environment ...


Now it's impossible to get it back online ....


I have a case open but they told me to either delete everything in azure and re-create it ... Which I have done without any luck..


Anyone figured this out ?





Hey vPackets,


This was a while back now, but I recall getting on a call with support and they had to do something in the back-end and then I could totally rebuild the solution from scratch.


Sorry I can't remember much more!



Totally understandable ! waiting to get some feedback from them now



Did you get a resolution to this? I called support but they said since they couldn't see it registered on the dashboard then there was nothing they could do, which I'm not convinced of...

Nope still nothing ...


Send 3 emails to the case engineer and got 0 feedback 😕


Pretty sure I am not alone right now 😞


Meraki Support fixed this for us today by 'clearing a cache', so no matter what they tell you the first time tell them that it's not a fault on the Azure side...



I'm having similar problem.

I deleted the vMX Azure Network from Meraki

I deleted the vMZ Azure App from Azure


I added them both back (same mac/serial), but new Auth Token and Azure Public IP.


The Public IP works into Azure, but no connection back to Meraki Cloud.

Meraki vMX Public IP says "Make sure you can send outgoing traffic to TCP port 7734 through your firewall."


I don't have any Azure NSG in the Meraki App RG.

I'm unable to add a pcap into the Meraki App RG.


It's all a bit odd and opaque how to troubleshoot vMX (re deployment) in Azure

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

As we've seen this referenced on some cases recently, I'd like to clear up that the reference to a "cache clear" actually pertains to a "configuration fetch" issue. Root causes for these cases have been seen to be either a back-end change that Meraki Support is required to implement, or were found to be routing/allowed outbound port issues on the Azure side (as listed in the "Help>Firewall info" page). 


I'm posting the above terminology so that any Support Engineer on your next case may be able to follow up on your request with more efficiency.

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