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Question on traffic shaping

New here

Question on traffic shaping

We're have a Meraki mx64 connected  to a cellular network. We have a best effort LTE service that may itself have bandwidth congestion. Behind the Meraki, we have priority users (the bill payer) and regular users.  Let's say we have a 10M down, 5M up service. I'm mainly interested in prioritizing who gets bandwidth in bound from the non-vpn Internet.  I suspect the primary application that's in contention is Netflix.   Rules are in place.  I don't believe that the people that wrote these rules really understand what they're getting and neither am I.  Can someone clarify?


Wan 1 is set with 10 dn X 5up.

Per client limit is 5M

We have three rules


1. Priority user vlan gets ignore network per client limit ie unlimited and high priority

2. Regular user vlan gets obey network per client limit ie 5dnX5up and normal priority

3.  Video, music, and p2p get 2M limit with low priority


1 First regular and priority users are both running Netflix. Is that rule 3 or rules 1 and 2?

2 Just considering rule 1, with no contention, priority users get 10M per client up to 10M total, right?

3 Just considering rule 2, with no contention, regular users get 5M per client up to 10M total, right?

4 With contention between rules 1&2, priority clients get 4/7*10M or 5.7M in total right?

5 With contention between rules 1&2, regular clients get 2/7*10M or 2.9M in total right?

6 video, music, and P2P get 2M total and  up to 1/7*10 or 1.4M  in contention right?

7 Is rule three a per client limit or a total limit?






Kind of a big deal

Re: Question on traffic shaping

I don't know the answer.


The documentation says the rules are executed in order.  I'm guessing [hoping] the rule processing stops on the first match.


Also note the warning:

"Note: Traffic shaping rules for applications are applied per-flow, so setting a limit of 5 Mbps to three different applications will allow 5 Mbps to each application."


If you assume this the answers to your questions pop out.

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