Problem with meraki MX600 issues

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Problem with meraki MX600 issues

Hello, i have some problems with the appliance meraki mx 600.

1.- There is a lot of public ip addresses registering in my appliance, i dont know why. That happend suddenly. This is the capture of this.meraki.PNG


2.- The meraki appliance is blocking some websites while i am in whitelist policy. I think the meraki is ignoring the group policy. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are the clients with group policy in directly connected VLANs (so the MX can see their MAC addresses), or are they on the other side of a layer 3 switch?

i see the same mac address in all ip addresses. 

If you see the same MAC address, then there is a layer 3 device between you and your clients.  You can't use group policies with this configuration for content filtering.


Group policies requires that [effectively] the MX be the default gateway for the clients to work.  It applies group policy based on MAC address.  If it can't see the client MAC address it can not apply the policies correctly.

The thing is that work in the past but suddenly stop working. I dont know why. 

Are you sure there has been no change in the way the layer 3 routing is being done?


Has their been any change in the client tracking option (such as to track by IP address)?


Otherwise has their been a change in firmware version?

Kind of a big deal

What mode is your MX in?

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The meraki is in Passthrough or VPN concentrator mode

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