Pre-configuring a MX68w before deployment

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Pre-configuring a MX68w before deployment

Can I completely configure my firewall appliance before sending it to the site without connecting it the Internet?  I was hoping to have 95% of  the configuration built and then just have the device sent directly to the site.  Can you do this for the MX series like you can for switches?

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You can do a lot of the pre-deployment configuration in the cloud but the device will need a way to download that configuration when it is hooked up. 


I've done this with a few devices that were being sent to remote sites. One was an MX64 being sent to a satellite clinic with a static cable connection. I logged into the webUI on the device and configured the WAN information so that it would work once connected. Then I built the remainder of the config via the portal which the device pulled down once it was connected on-site. 


Does that answer your question? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is how I sometimes approach this "problem" with the MX67:

  1. Send the device to the site
  2. Let someone connect WAN1 to the internal network (given there is already a network)
  3. Convert LAN2 to WAN2
  4. Let them re-patch WAN2 instead of WAN1 to the LAN
  5. Configure WAN1 with the appropriate static IPs and all the needed config
  6. Let them cable WAN1 to the internet and move to the new MX
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Out of the box, the MX interfaces are configured for DHCP with no VLAN tag.  If your ISP provides circuits matching this specification then yes.  Otherwise, at a minimum, the WAN/Internet ports need to be configured to provide the initial Internet configuration.

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