Port forwarding

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Port forwarding

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i have added some port in port forwarding but the require task still not working i need port forwarding for 3CX server, So user from outside of network will able to use 3cx server for this i need port forwarding. how can i check my local 3cx server ip that port is opened or not.


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This is best done on the server itself with the tools of the OS.

And you can put your PC into the 3cx VLAN and do a port-scan.

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Well, first thing: can you connect to the 3CX server from inside the network? I assume that you can and all works as intended? 


3CX indicates the following ports are used:

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 2.01.04 PM.png

The mandatory ones to be forwarded are, depending on what you are connecting (see notes in the table):

- TCP 5001 or 443

- TCP/UDP 5060

- TCP 5061

- TCP/UPD 5090

- UDP 9000-10999


You can configure these on your MX:

Security & SD-WAN -> Configure -> Firewall -> Forwarding rules 

Port forwarding is configured same like this.

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What firewall? If your port forwarding is correct but the checker still fails it's usually one of three things:

- Incorrect port forwarding
- SIP ALG is on
- Double NAT or Carrier NAT

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How to disable SIP ALG in MX? I believe  the issue is about SIP ALG.all port showing done but 2 things showing fault. 

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