Poor network connection Meraki Go

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Poor network connection Meraki Go


Not sure where to place this so here goes:

I installed a GS20 with security and a GS110-24P switch, and 3 GR10 APs for a small retail location. Everything ran smooth no network issues...it just worked! 4 weeks later, all devices on the LAN are having horrible connection speed to the internet .4 down and .1 up. Connecting a pc directly to the cable modem works fine with speeds of up to 800 down and 40 up. I have rebooted the Meraki router and switch, same results. Please help!!! This is a retail business and they are not able to use their web-based POS.

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Kind of a big deal

Have you tried support yet?  You can find support though the web portal or phone app under settings > contact support.  Also, Meraki Go has it's own community here: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Meraki-Go-Community/ct-p/go


This is for "regular" Meraki so might not get much visibility.


Besides that, did you try changing the cable from the GX to the modem?  It seems like maybe something wrong there or duplex mismatch somehow.


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Thanks for the reply. I got to this forum from the Meraki Go support page after I submitted a ticket. I am testing a few more things and the replacement of the cable is one of them.

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Disconnect anything behind the firewall and only connect your computer, run a speed test. If the speed is OK, it could be a problem with your  LAN and you can confirm that with iPerf:



If the speed is bad behind the firewall, make sure the firewall is negotiating full-duplex and at least 100 Mbps. replace the cable and start from there.

Hello Make_IT_Simple,


I am testing from the GX20 interface directly to the appliance.

Sorry, I meant to say... I am testing using the GX20 browser interface that has a speed test function for this appliance specifically to check the connection to the appliance.

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