PoC Test Plan Sample

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PoC Test Plan Sample

Does anyone have a Meraki SD-WAN test plan (for a PoC) that I can reuse?  I will modify it as necessary to meet my customer's needs.  Figure I can reuse one already done as a baseline since most of the testing requirements will be similar or the same.  Appreciated.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ours was pretty simple


Does it connect

Does it load balance between two WAN links

Does it failover gracefully, one WAN to the other

Does it fail back

Does it failover gracefully, HA, primary to spare

Does it fail back

Can you dynamically route traffic by metrics; latency, jitter etc.

Can you upgrade in service

Can you provision entirely offline

Does it route at or near wire speed


For a remote work or work from home PoC's, does it make sense to have it in the test plan an application experience at the main office and then have the users compare it to their application experience in their home office?  In other words, have the users provide feedback on the application performance from home as compared to when they used work I the office.  Does this make sense to be in a test plan?  What's the best way to measure app performance in the Dashboard?    

Kind of a big deal

Set out the use cases by which you will judge and compare the merits and performance of the hardware and software proposed bey those organisations that respond. Checking tick boxes is a mug's game, which is why manufacturers encourage this approach.




Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Kind of a big deal

I don't think any of mine are similar, but this is one I just wrote recently.


With everything in a “steady state” and reporting no errors after the changes above, the network should
be tested in these states (before going onto the next state the network should be returned to the
standard operating state):
1. Everything “normal”.
2. Gigabit circuit unplugged.
3. Primary MX powered down.


During each state, the following tests should be performed:
1. Verify the Internet can be accessed from inside of the *** office.
2. Verify that the *** LAN can access Amazon AWS.
3. Verify users can connect via client VPN to the *** site and access resources on the *** LAN, the *** DC and the *** LAN.
4. Verify a Z3 user can connect to the *** LAN, the *** DC and the *** LAN.

PhilipDAth, I'm testing users working from home behind a Z3C with a MX250 as the headend.  I'm assuming on your last #4, it would be the Z3C instead of the Z1?  Not familiar with the Z1 that's why I'm asking.


Appreciate the support.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@johnnyngena Z3 replaced Z1 and from your comment you are looking at home users rather than multiple corporate sites which is where my test plan came from.


If you can elaborate on what exactly you want the SD-WAN to do, we can give you something more meaningful.


Stay safe, 



cmr, thank you, customer hasn't given us much other than they want to "test" or a mini-PoC.  I just wanted something to start with (a guideline) and you've given me that with your first answer.  I'm going to use it and if they give me more color to what they want to see, I'll post it on this discussion.  Thank you again!

In that case, I would do something like:

* If using WiFi, verify Z3 users can attach to WiFi

* If wired access, verify Z3 users can attach via a wired connection

* Verify users behind the Z3 sites can access the Internet

* Verify users behind the Z3 sites can access critical business systems

If the users have a Z3C, then tests should be done when connected via the internet uplink and also whilst using the 4G LTE connection.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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