Outlook stops working/VPN

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Outlook stops working/VPN

When someone works remotely on the VPN and connects to Outlook, everything works fine.  However, when they come back into the office and plug into our local network, Outlook will not open.  They have to create a new profile each time, switch to that one, then switch back to their old profile.  After those steps are taken, Outlook works. 


Has anyone else had this issue?  I hate that our employees have to create a new profile every time they come back into the office.

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Are the users disconnecting from the Client VPN connection when they are finished?
I'm assuming they are using the built-in Windows client VPN ? or are you using the new anyconnect?
Are they also shutting down the laptop or just closing the lid and hibernating?
Just sounds like Outlook is still running and just needs to be closed in task manager first when back on site


Hope that helps

Hey GIB_NW, thanks for the reply!


From what I'm being told, they're disconnecting from the VPN and shutting Outlook down.  We're currently using the Windows 10 built-in VPN. 


They claim that they are shutting down their computers completely. 

Sounds good - be interested if you restart the laptop - before you try anything else if it fixes ....

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What was the solution to this issue?

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