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Onedrive Firewall Layer 3 - MX64

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Onedrive Firewall Layer 3 - MX64

Hi Guys,

i will be more then happy to receive some " knowledge".

i have 9 Meraki MX 64 in multiple locations.

i want to allowed one drive software but so far i have an herd time to allowed in Firewall Layer 3 the one drive from the simple reason, the Meraki supports send me a huge domain list(more then 30-35) that i need to open in order to open One-drive software to the end users.

any suggestion how to do it simply (like it should be ) ?


thank you so much 🙂


Here to help

Re: Onedrive Firewall Layer 3 - MX64

There's no shortcut if you want to allow OneDrive but block all of the other file sharing services. The official Microsoft article appears to align with what Meraki support is saying.


Here to help

Re: Onedrive Firewall Layer 3 - MX64

Thank you guys

i will try and will keep you posted




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