OSPF and MX100

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OSPF and MX100

So we have two sites that have a EPL connection between them. Both have MX100s with the EPL currently connected directly in and than L3 switches behind them both. Currently whoever set it up prior to be made a bunch of static routes. I would like to move the EPL to the L3 switches, leave the broadband service connected to MX100's. And be able to use the EPL in the event one of the sites broadband goes down. Issue I am having is I do not know how to tell the L3 switches (One site is MS250s, one is Cisco 3850's) to switch from passing default from MX to EPL when Broadband goes down. Any suggestions? 

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To make this one happen, you will have to use your Meraki as a VPN concentration mode so that your L3 switch forms an OSPF neighbor. At the same time, you will need to run OSPF on EVPL. Between two source of routes, you can influence the preference with cost/metric.



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